Terms & conditions:

Play on MagicBox with a real ID. Group play is strictly prohibited. Members of the same family may compete for various goods.


Magicbox and the participant are not in a relationship of "service provider" and "consumer" as those terms are defined in the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 by participating in the games that Magicbox offers. Magicbox merely hosts a game in which participants can use their skills to win free or significantly reduced goods. Magicbox neither sells nor represents any of the services or goods that are advertised on the website. In terms of the offer, Magicbox bears the cost of the discount given to the winning participant and, at best, acts as a middleman between the vendor and that participant.


The provision of any travel documents, such as a passport, visa, travel permit, travel insurance, etc., shall not be the responsibility of Magicbox. Magicbox's liability is limited to the winning participant's use of the tour package that is purchased from the tour operator at the promised discounted rate. Magicbox would not be liable for any subsequent actions by the winner that might lead the tour operator to renege on the deal or cancel the trip.

If the tour package cannot be provided due to the country, or any one of the countries, that is promised in the such tour, either becoming inaccessible due to any extreme weather condition, any natural disaster or calamity or if there is a Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, advisory to the effect that traveling to such a country is to be avoided on grounds of safety due to,

The winning contestant would be required to give the tour operator the travelers' personal information for use in reservations and bookings. Magicbox shall not be liable for the tour's cancellation as a result of the winning participant's failure to provide any information or documentation requested by the tour operator in a timely manner or as a result of the winning participant's provision of false or inaccurate information to the tour operator.

When it comes to the holiday voucher or tour package, Magicbox is not required to make any changes and is not responsible for doing so. The winning participant may, however, make any necessary changes, modifications, alterations, or special requests directly to the tour operator.

The tour operator is responsible for any claims resulting from a lack of service with regard to the holiday voucher or tour package. Magicbox will never be held accountable or liable for compensating for losses incurred due to the aforementioned reason.


Only demonstrative purposes are served by the vehicle images and descriptions posted on our website pages. Please note that there may be a small difference between the actual vehicle and the specifications and/or images.

Any mandatory document needed for product registration is not Magicbox's responsibility or obligation to provide. Magicbox will not be in charge of setting up the winning participant's identification documents or a state-issued driver's license.

Magicbox is only responsible for covering the vehicle's ex-showroom cost. Unless otherwise stated, the winning participant is responsible for paying all registration, insurance, accessory, etc. costs.

Magicbox disclaims all liability for any loss of property or life caused by the use of the car or bike awarded to the winning participant. Magicbox will not defend any winning contestant from any third-party lawsuit brought about by the use of the car or bike.

Any claim based on a service defect or manufacturing flaw with regard to the vehicle would be directed at the dealer or the manufacturer. Magicbox will never be held accountable or obligated to make up for any losses incurred due to the aforementioned reasons.

The winning participant is bound by all terms and conditions stated or established by the agent, dealer, or manufacturer, as applicable. It is as if the agent, dealer, or manufacturer is one party, and the winning participant is the other.

Any warranty claim or application related to the car or bike must be made directly to the agent, dealer, or manufacturer, as applicable.

The color of the vehicle will be chosen by Magicbox when it is purchased for the winning participant. However, if the winning participant is willing to cover any cost differences due to color preference, Magicbox may agree to the winner's preferred color.

The dealer, manufacturer, tour operator, or supplier is not replaced by Magicbox.

Magicbox only offers its customers the chance to win or purchase the offered goods or services at a reduced price. The Terms & Conditions stated or established by the supplier, agent, dealer, manufacturer, tour operator, or service provider, as the case may be, shall govern all other incidents related to ownership of the product or receiving the services offered, such as warranty, guaranty, service, maintenance, etc., and such incidents must be pursued by the winning participant himself.


The goods or services provided by Magicbox are intended solely for the winner and cannot in any way be transferred to another person. However, in the case of a car or bike, the winner may transfer the item to any party in accordance with the law once he has become the rightful owner of it.


Magicbox reserves the right to alter, change, or modify the offered goods or services at any time without giving participants prior notice.

Magicbox retains the right to extend the deadline for the auction without giving its participants prior notice.



Please take the time to carefully read the terms and conditions, privacy statement, and other offer documents before placing your bid.

Please feel free to contact us at the information provided in the "Contact us" tab if you have any questions.

The age requirement to use our services or sign a contract with legal effect is 18 years old. Registration on the website is not permitted for anyone under the age of 18. You must provide valid information, such as your credit card number, billing address, and credit card expiration date, in order to participate in the bidding process. We never give your information to unapproved third parties.


Images of the displayed produce on websites do not accurately depict the setting or the actual product. They are modified suitably for the purpose of advertisement.

The picture's accessories are not included in the product that is being offered but can be purchased from dealers for a fee. Unless otherwise specified, all products are sold "as is."

The winner will pick up the product from the closest retailer or address provided by Magicbox.

After being satisfied with all aspects of the product or services, including the quality aspects, the winner will accept delivery of the item or use the service. Magicbox disclaims liability for that.

Holiday Vouchers will be delivered to the winner's email address on file.

Only the cost of the product or service is included in the bid price; the winner is solely responsible for all additional costs, such as insurance, freight, carriage, accessories, taxes, registrations, licenses, permits, and approvals.

However, the customer is free to enter a deed or agreement with any third party for the sale of his product or service beyond and after the completion of the sale agreement with Magicbox and fulfillment of the entered binding contract. Magicbox will not exchange any product or service for cash or any other form of payment.


The return policy of any goods and services, if any, shall be the same as that provided by the Seller. There isn't a return policy specific to Magicbox.

Magicbox will consider customer complaints in order to assess and document the caliber of the goods and services offered by the vendor.

Magicbox reserves the right to assist its customer in resolving any problems or disputes that might develop with the seller.

If a user is unhappy with any product that has been delivered. Upon request, Magicbox will return the product fee. Refunds do not, however, cover the cost of the Quote. We make no guarantees regarding the accessibility, correctness, or quality of the information, goods, or services on the website.


Magicbox is not a game of chance because the price indicates how well people can use their creativity to come up with original number suggestions.

This is a product enabling our customers to use their skill set to quote for various products or services listed on the Portal.

The winner of the game will be determined by the highest and most original quote.

By quoting, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to all of this portal's terms and policies.

You are required by law to proceed with the sale of the item if you submit a quote and it is chosen as the most original and competitive.

It is understood that you have answered and explored every possible question about the item(s) you are quoting for at the time of quotation. High-quoters who are discovered asking questions after the game has ended will have their purchases relisted.

At the time of the auction, we rely on updates from other users and promptly post updated information. We disavow any responsibility for or claim of genius for any Quote.

With some obvious exceptions, it is acknowledged that all sales are final and that all items are offered for sale "as is." Please refer to our return policy above for details.

For information on which of our games are accessible to international bidders, please check the specific auction. The prize won is nontransferable.

No other product or service will be accepted in exchange for the prize.

All Quotes will be governed by Indian tax laws.

The winner is responsible for obtaining all necessary authorizations, licenses, permits, insurance, visas, passports, and other documents so they can use the goods or services in accordance with local laws.

Only standard banking channels will be used for all payments, according to the various options available on the Portal.

Dream Box reserves the right to refuse a bidder without giving any justification or explanation.

Dream-box reserves the right to periodically change its policies, terms, and conditions.


The agreement between Magicbox and users is known as a contract. Users may participate in the auction process with a valid contract. You legally make a purchase offer by submitting your Quotes. Following Magicbox's approval, a contract for the sale and purchase is established between the buyer and the website, with the terms periodically being approved by the business.


Your unique property used to access our services is your login ID and password. Once assigned to you, you are in charge of ensuring its security and preventing unauthorized use. Change your password right away to minimize the risk of losing information if it has been compromised or otherwise made public. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your personal information.


User accounts that contain Credit must be used within the time frame given. The Credits will expire if they are not used. We don't provide a way for you to get your account's expired Credits back.


• Live auctions are won using bids.

• Transfer Bids are available for the auctions you've chosen.

• Within 90 days, remaining bids may be transferred once to other live auctions.

• Only 10% of the total bid slots for the chosen auction/product are eligible for redemption of available bids.


Users are not allowed to Quote at Magicbox using a false name or an invalid credit card number. Such attempts are regarded as outright legal violations. An unsuccessful bidder will be reported to the appropriate state and law enforcement agencies for further action.

Winners are not permitted to resell products they have purchased from the site without first obtaining a written authorThe business reserves the right to immediately suspend the account if he is found to have violated this rule. without further notice.

The following activities are strictly forbidden on Magicbox and may result in severe legal repercussions.

• Using any dishonest means to gain access to, alter, or destroy any information belonging to another Magicbox user.

• Any effort to violate a Magicbox property

• Trick the quoting system by inserting false quotes.

• Failing to pay for the goods you've bought.

• Posting content that is libelous, false, misleading, or inaccurate.

• Make an effort to gather user personal information on the website.


Magicbox retains the right to revoke these terms at any time and to restrict access to the website without prior notice. Your use of the Service may be terminated if it is illegal or potentially illegal for Magicbox.


Once you've registered with Magicbox, you must always abide by the various guidelines established to monitor the use of the website's services, including purchasing and quoting. If any of your actions would be in violation of any existing or future law, regulation, or official policy, we shall not be obligated to fulfill our obligations under this Agreement.