Privacy Policy

Privacy policy:

MagicBox respects your right to privacy, which is why it has put in place a number of rules to safeguard your data on the website.

Below is a brief summary of our privacy statement.

General Information :

You can visit our website as a guest user without registering. We keep anonymous data on the server when you browse the website without registering. The information may include the website you came from, the websites you went to after leaving our site, the browser you use, and the IP address you use to access our website. We never request your personal information when you are a guest visitor.


What Information Do We Gather?

To engage in a transaction, you must first register on our website. In this section, we request your personal information, such as your name, address, email, mobile phone number, or payment information. During your use of the service, we process this data a number of times, such as :

  • As soon as you buy bids

  • When you participate in an auction or win it

  • When you send in a check

Additionally, when you use our search engine, enter a contest, or sign up for our newsletter, we may collect personal information from you. We gather and use the data to better serve you and continuously enhance your bidder experience.

Use of Your Personalized Data:

Your data collection is done with the intention of giving you a seamless, uninterrupted, effective, and customized DreemBox experience. We employ these facts to:

  • give you the services you've requested

  • Dispute resolution

  • the purpose of our Terms of Use

  • personalize our offerings

  • to contact you regarding marketing offers

Giving Personal Information To Outside Parties:

In no event do we ever divulge your personal information to a third party. If we do, we will ask for your written consent first. But if necessary to complete a transaction, such as payment processing and/or post-purchase fulfillment, we may share your personally identifiable information with our affiliated websites and vendors.


How to delete your account:

Your MagicBox account is always free to delete or deactivate. All remaining bids will be automatically destroyed if you do this. However, if you are discovered engaging in activities that violate our terms of service, we reserve the right to deactivate or delete your account without prior notice.


Privacy Policy Changes:

We reserve the right to make changes to the policy at any time and without warning. We will be informed as soon as there is a change.